10 Travel Resolutions for New Year!

With the year 2017 coming to an end, it’s time to lock your resolutions for the New Year. So I decided to put together a list for likeminded travellers who plan on travelling and exploring more this year.

Welcome the New Year with these 10 Travel Resolutions, and most of these are actually realistic to achieve!

1. Family Vacation1.  I will go on a nice Family Vacation

Everybody is busy these days – parents, children, siblings. And there is very little time to spend with your family. The weekend is there, but its not enough. Family Vacations mean spending quality time with the people who really matter. You experience new things together and create fond memories!

2. Local Language2.  I will learn 10 local words everywhere I go

Many times on my trips, I have wished that I had taken some time to learn the basics of a local language before I got there! But even if you only have a few days before your trip, or even if you leave tomorrow, you still have time to learn a few key words and phrases.

Some Key Words: Hello!, Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, Where is…?, How Much?, Check Please, Help!

3. Mini Trips.jpg3.  I will take more Mini Trips

Don’t underestimate the power of a short weekend trip. It helps to get out of your normal routine and de-stress. It could be a road trip to a town few hours away from home or fly somewhere on a flight that only takes a couple of hours. Try exploring your state and cover all of it.

4. Weekends Wisely4.  I will use my weekends wisely

Plan in advance to make use of long weekends, holidays and maximise your vacation days. You don’t need to waste your leaves, just plan clever!

5. Travel Fund5.  I will spend wisely and build my Travel Fund

Becoming financially responsible, budgeting ruthlessly and tracking your spending – are the key to any trip. It’s very important to save properly, so that you don’t run out of money on the road (been there, done that). The 50-20-30 Rule of Saving has helped me immensely in the last one year in building my travel fund. Do give it a read here.

6. International Dream Trip6.  I will plan an International Dream Trip for myself

Figuring out how to use public transport, or asking for directions in a foreign country can be scary at first. But once you figure out that you can still do things, despite the obstacles – you become a smarter, more confident person, with the ability to adapt in difficult situations. you will develop cultural sensitivity and the people you meet will form a part of your extended network – it’s a win-win!

7. Flight Tickets7.  I will buy Air Tickets that are dirt cheap

I tend to book flight tickets pretty late and get lazy in planning this aspect of my trips. This year I plan to book them early, make use of discounts and set alerts on Skyscanner – so that I get the best deals & save money on travel!

8. Pack Light8.  I will pack Smarter and Lighter

Packing light means you don’t have to worry about checking in your baggage or wait for it at baggage claim. You save on money & time both, also walking is a breeze! I think I already pack light, but there’s always room for improvement.

P.S: It’s easier to pick out outfits since you have fewer choices 😀

9. Travel For a Cause9.  I will Travel for a Cause

Imagine if you could enjoy a beautiful destination, while also working towards making it better? This year I want to travel and make a difference to the society.

Check out: Reef Watch Marine Conservation – an NGO that offers volunteering programme to people for 2-3 weeks in the Andamans!

10. Sweat the Small Stuff10.  I will not Sweat the Small Stuff

I resolve to be calm and relaxed in the face of situations where I do not have any control  like misplaced luggage at airports, delayed hotel check-ins, mobile phones refusing to work when you need them the most, etc.

These are my New Year resolutions, feel free to add your own and ring in the New Year!  Happy Travelling 2018!!  🙂

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