How to Dine Solo when Travelling

When you travel solo, you obviously have to do everything alone – visiting museums, enjoying exquisite views and going out to eat alone. Why is that the last one bother a lot of people? Why do people worry so much about enjoying a meal solo?

Dining Solo has many advantages, the three major ones being – eating without small talk, at your own pace and no compulsion to share dessert!

Here’s my guide to eating alone, when travelling solo! 

1. Bring your phone or a book  

Reading a book
Books are always best company!

If waiting idly before your meal arrives makes you feel terrified, then you could bring along your phone and catch up with friends and family on social media. Or finish reading that book you have been thinking about for so long. I often bring my Kindle with me and enjoy reading when I’m out.

TIP: Carry tourism guides and maps along, to plan the next days itinerary while waiting for food. 

2. Chat with the Staff   

giphy (11)
Start with talking about food, then move onto other topics.

Chat with your waiter or waitress – they’re friendly and they’ll have fantastic stories for you about where they come from and what life is like for them. Even better ask them about places you plan on visiting, locals are the best travel guides. I have changed my itinerary many times and included places last moment thanks to such chats with people!

3. People-watching  

giphy (1)
It can be as fun as watching a movie!

This one’s my favorite from the list! Order some Hot Coffee, Sugar Croissant and sit outside a cafe as you watch people go by!

4. Dress Up and Show Up  

giphy (8)
One word: Sexy!

Imagine this: A mysterious young woman, in a pretty dress siting  by herself in an exotic location slowly sipping a glass of wine. Romantic isn’t it! Try it once, you will enjoy it.

5. Don’t Eat Alone

Go introduce yourself

Now how simple is that – Just Don’t Eat Alone! If you are still new to travelling solo, and are still uncomfortable eating alone, try eating with strangers. Quite a few times I have been invited by people to eat with them, also sometimes people ask if they can sit with me and eat. And if you feel like it, go and introduce yourself: “I am from _________ place, could I sit with you and eat!”  Trust me its not that hard, and you may end up having a great conversation with your meal.

Now go ahead, book yourself a table for ONE!

If Audrey can, You Can!

Bon Appetit!  🍝🍷


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