Travel Essential: Khaki Jacket

This piece of clothing falls under the category of wardrobe staples. No matter what, every girl/boy has to have it. It’s multipurpose, functional, stylish, gender neutral, never goes out of fashion and you can wear it with whatever you want, however you want.

Pair it with anything!

Because of all these reasons it becomes all the more important for a travel-junkie to own one. You can use it like a wind cheater, layer it over clothes when you feel cold or use it like a camouflage jacket in the wild.

As it comes with lots of pockets, one can fit a lot of stuff without carrying any hand luggage – tablet, passport, phone, phone-charger, sunglasses, headphones, gloves, pen – there’s space for everything.

Also as the color is khaki, it doesn’t get dirty easily – no frequent washing required or extra care – it’s a high duty tough fabric. You can dress it up, dress it down or just go androgynous – everything works. So, no time wasted in trying to pair or match it with other outfits.

It’s an essential and a value for money product, I give it a double thumbs up!  👍👍


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