Ultimate Getaway Guide to Diu!

Rightfully called the Isle of Calm or as they say in Portuguese, ‘Ilha de Calma’. Diu had been on my bucket for a year, thanks to the amazing travel campaign they came up with. You can watch it here. Diu is a tiny island, off the coast of Gujarat – yet is completely different from its neighbouring state and exudes a strong Portuguese vibe.

Twinning at Nagoa Beach
Unintentional twinning footwear with my sister 👣

I had planned this trip as a surprise for my sister, who had come to visit me in Mumbai. And was done booking flight tickets and a beautiful resort in advance! Diu is perfect for a ‘Weekend Getaway’ and can be easily done 2 days.

Here’s the ultimate getaway guide to Diu!

Getting There

One can take a bus or a car to Diu, but that’s time taking and exhausting especially if you are travelling all the way from Mumbai. 😫

Flight to Diu

✈️👍 I’d recommend taking a direct flight from Mumbai to Diu. I flew with Alliance Air, a budget subsidiary of Air India, its a small plane (check picture) and kinda looks cute. It takes just an hour to reach, which saves you a lot of time and energy. For its official website, click here.

You will get light snacks on the flight (check picture) The box contains a sandwich and a juice.

Where to Stay 

I stayed at Radhika Beach Resort, situated on the picturesque Nagoa beach. It is a beautiful resort with big rooms, clean bathrooms and great views from the balcony.

Dine in-house at the The Rivera Restaurant & Bar or enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool to refresh yourself. Though slightly heavy on the pocket, a stay here will definitely take your breath away! Find more about the resort here.

#1  Relax at Nagoa Beach

Me at Nagoa Beach
Feeling Zen.

There are many beaches in Diu, but Nagoa is my favourite. I spent most of my time here, it has a clean coastline and is beautiful & quite. Bordered by palm hoka trees, this beach is shaped like a horse shoe. Nagoa beach offers peace and tranquillity to its visitors.

#2  Go to Gangeshwar temple

Gangeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The 5 Shivalingas that you see here are believed to have been laid by the Pandavas during their exile. People crowd in to see waves continuously washing these Shivalingas situated amidst rocks.  It’s a well maintained site and makes for a memorable experience. This is a must see attraction in Diu.

#3  Visit INS Khukri Memorial

INS Khukri Memorial is the memorial site of an Indian Naval Ship that sank during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. It is dedicated to the 18 officers and 176 sailors who were in this ship, when it sank.

#4  Explore Naida Caves

Like a Light Painting!

One of the most underrated tourist attractions of Diu, the Naida Caves have an intricate network of tunnels and is yet to be fully explored! It is a photographer’s paradise with picturesque caves & caverns  & sunlit canyons. These caves are a must- visit for every traveller coming to Diu.

#5  Visit the Diu Museum

That’s my sister on the stairs, and our tuk-tuk for the day.

Diu Museum is actually the old St. Thomas Church which was converted into a museum in 1992. This church built in 1598, now houses stone inscriptions of ancient rulers, antique statues, multi-coloured fountains, wood carvings & idols showcasing the rich past of the region!

#6  Admire St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul's Church
Best example of baroque architecture in India

St Paul’s is the island’s last remaining fully-functional church. This magnanimous structure was completed in 1610 and boasts of an extravagantly carved 400 year old pulpit. The excellent baroque facade, fine selection of wooden panelling and richly done wood carving is a feast for the eyes.

#7  Enjoy Portuguese Food

Due to the strong Portuguese influence, the food too has Portuguese flavours in it. Fresh fish and seafood dominate restaurant menu’s in Diu. One must try some delicious fish and Portuguese Prawn Curry.

Order something to drink along with your food, the alcohol is supercheap here –  you will get a Kingfisher lager for just ₹60!

 #8  Wander around in Fort Diu

Fort Diu was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD after the treaty signed between the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese. It is surrounded by sea on three sides and a canal on the fourth side. The Light House and Diu jail are both inside the Fort Diu Compound.
One can also see Panikotha from here, a stone fortress & former prison located in the middle of the ocean. It was built with the intention of keeping the extremely dangerous criminals locked up with no way of escaping.

#9  Some Sea Shell Love

Diu is all about seas and beaches, little wonder that here is a place which is all about sea shells. Welcome to the Sea Shell Museum, which has a colossal range of 2500 to 3000 sea shells under one roof. These shells on display have been collected by Retired Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria, a merchant navy captain, from all over the world in 50 years of sailing. He has displayed and labelled them in English with great care. The Shell Museum is the largest and first of its kind on the continent.

One man’s dedication & passion 👏

Don’t forget to buy some trinkets made out of shells from the tiny counter in the museum! They make for some cute travel souvenirs from Diu.

#10  Find Yourself

Diu has a certain charm of its own, the island has a free-spirited nature and lets one escape from the chaos. The streets are free of crowds and so are the beaches. Make the most of this peace and quite and get to know yourself better.

As the island is just 40 square kilometre – it can be easily covered in a day. Everything listed above in this guide can be done in less than 24 hours. So spend the second day just cruising around the city in your choice of vehicle – cycle, scooter or an auto. Enjoy view of the streets – lined with old Portuguese houses and charming flowering plants and trees. Minimum traffic, excellent roads and zipping along the coast with wind in your hair is pure joy – which makes it a must-do activity when in Diu!

TRIVIA: Hoka and Rukhada trees found in Diu are of African origin.

A weekend getaway to Diu makes for a really relaxing vacation. 

No matter who you go with, this weekend – Do Diu!  🌊✌️

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