48 Hours in Vienna: Day 02

The Viennese don’t rush unless they have to. So why don’t we spend the second day in Vienna – travelling slowly. Instead of hopping from one place to the next, enjoy a few experiences which are a must do in Vienna, all while taking in the Old World charm as you explore the city.

Here’s my Day 02 Vienna itinerary which puts the enjoyment of Viennese life first! 

Day 02 is all about Appreciating Vienna!


To start your day right have a wholesome, satisfying yet light meal. Check my pictures below 😋

Make use of the Vienna City Card, purchased on Day 01 and get on the U-Bahn metro. U1, U2 and U3 they all come to Prater, which is our first stop.

1. The Giant Ferris Wheel

This will put a smile on your face!

The Giant Ferris Wheel is located within the Prater amusement park and was immortalised in the Orson Welles classic “The Third Man”. Enjoy breathtaking view of the city from nearly 200 feet up!

TIP: If you are travelling with kids, you can choose to spend more time here. In which case you would have to drop off Schönbrunn Palace which is next on the list. I just took a spin on the Giant Wheel and skipped the rest of the park.


Get on the U4 subway line and head to our next stop – Schönbrunn Palace. Plan to spend at least half a day here, to fully appreciate this World Heritage site which is a huge complex!

2. Schönbrunn Palace

Worth the time and distance!

One of Europe’s most beautiful Baroque complexes – the Schönbrunn Palace is the former summer residence of the Habsburgs. It became the focus of court life under the reign of Maria Theresia in the 18th century. Take the Grand Tour which lets you see the precious 18th-century interiors apart from the state rooms and private apartments. The tour is 50-60 minutes long and comes with an Audio Guide.

Glorious Gloriette – must visit!

After the tour, take time walking around the magnificent gardens, and make sure to enjoy the wonderful view of Vienna from the Gloriette. The Schönbrunn Palace also houses the world’s oldest zoo.

MUST SEE: Gloriette is the icing on the cake… Great photo op – Unique vantage point!

3. Enjoy Sparkling Wine with Pasta

This made for a filling lunch.

After spending half a day exploring the Schönbrunn Palace complex, you must be ravenous! It’s time to enjoy some Spaghetti Pesto with Sparkling Wine at Landtmann´s Park Café – a cozy local restaurant within Schönbrunn’s walls. Everything on the table – all herbs and vegetables are fresh from their garden. For centuries Austrians have had a national appreciation of organic, slow food. As soon as you sit down at the table, slip into Austrian time and try to savor every minute. This is not a process to be rushed!


Catch the U-Bahn and return back to the city centre for evening. As we are ending the day with 2 experiences – both related to the taste buds, make sure you leave ample time for both and are in the city by 05 pm max.

4. Captivating Coffee Culture

Hot Coffee, Sugar Croissant & a Jam filled Puff Pastry!

Coffee is much more than a beverage in Vienna, and I wholeheartedly agree with them! Traditional cafés have existed here for centuries and tempt you with its wide variety of coffee drinks and pastry creations. A Viennese coffee shop encourages you to linger and makes for a utterly unique experience. Order some Hot Coffee, enjoy the cake and sit outside the cafe as you watch people go by!

5. Eat like a Local

As your day comes to an end, why not take a walk around the city and choose any restaurant that catches your fancy for dinner. I would recommend everybody to try Goulash – it is basically a cross between a stew and a soup and is often made using beef, with vegetables in it. It’s a traditional Austrian dish and will be found at almost every eatery in Vienna. This dish is full of flavors and I assure you it will make your last night in Vienna memorable!

So there you have it – my top picks for Day 02 in Vienna! 

This itinerary is full of experiences which will come back to you months later as memories and make you smile… 😊

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