What it’s like to Travel Solo!

It has been more than 3 years of travelling – mostly solo for me, after shifting to Mumbai post college. The question that I get asked the most is – ‘Don’t you get bored?’ The idea of travelling alone for most people is scary and boring. This blog-post is for all those people who are curious to travel solo but don’t, thinking that it’s going to get lonely on the road.

Below I bust the Top 3 Myths about Solo Travel!

1. Solo trips are Not Limiting 

You are on your own, which means you can plan it and customise it to suit your needs completely! Freedom at its best. You can cover more area and dance like monkey, nobody to judge.

My ExperienceOn my first solo trip to Rajasthan, I covered Jaipur and Udaipur. I didn’t like Udaipur much, and covered all the sights in a single day. So I caught a bus back the same evening – as I just had myself to decide it was easy and quick. I spent more time in Jaipur as I liked it better.

[Picture above: Clicked by the vendor selling those umbrellas 😍]

2. Solo trips are Not Boring

You are alone, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to people. From the bus conductor to the locals you can gain so much more insight about the place when alone – talk to strangers and make new friends. And you can do all of this without making anyone feel left out, cause hey you are alone!

My Experience: I have met the sweetest people on such journeys. Taxi wallas and auto wallas are my favourite people now – nor only do they act as local guides and show you the best spots, but also click nice pictures of you if you ask them too. I have befriended families when I was travelling ticket-less, who have offered me their berth and food. I have been invited for lunches and dinners by locals – trust me people are genuinely nice and it has restored my faith in humanity like nothing else has.

[Picture above: Read the caption, its a sweet little story – still remember her 😇]

3. Solo trips are Not Risky

I have become more responsible I feel since I started travelling alone. You become good with managing money, planning and navigation when out there all by yourself. Also being alone does not guarantee that you will attract trouble and fall into a situation. In fact it makes you worldly wise and makes you more adaptable to circumstances and street smart.

My Experience: I can assess body language better as I get to observe so many people from different walks of life. I am able to deal with different situations and think independently. Listening and seeing so much more, you understand more and become worldly-wise.

[Picture above: Clicked by a fellow traveller who did not understand my language 😊]

I urge all of you take at least one Solo Trip every year and not be scared of travelling alone!

Dedicated to all solo travellers around the world – Cheers! 🙌


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