One Bag Travel: How to pack for a 3 Day Work Trip

Packing for a work trip is challenging – unfixed plans, hectic schedules and pressure of delivering results.

One cardinal rule I follow is – packing light and travelling only with my hand luggage. Luggage goes missing pretty often at airports, you don’t want to miss out on meetings that you were looking forward to, or pitches you worked nights to prepare only because your luggage didn’t arrive on time or was misplaced.

So just pick your hand baggage from the overhead compartment and be on your way swiftly! 💼

1. Pack Outfits, Not Pieces

Getting Ready Season 1 GIF by Good Girls Revolt-downsized_large
Leave the hassle of – what to wear at home.

Pack complete outfits from your wardrobe – head to toe, don’t choose individual pieces. This way you make sure you only pack what will be worn and you don’t end up carrying around unnecessary items. It will also make your mornings hassle free, as you won’t waste time picking outfits and instead use the time productively.

2. Do Not Experiment

Beyonce No GIF-downsized_large
I repeat ‘Do Not’

Work trips are not the time to be experimenting with clothes or trying that new dress that you bought few days ago. Choose outfits you know you will look good and feel confident in, skip anything that gives you second thoughts. Pack only items that you are sure about and make you feel positive!

3. Packing your Bag

Pack Packing GIF-downsized_large.gif
Hahaha… You don’t have to do this!

Roll your clothes instead of folding them as it gives you more space, and helps prevent wrinkles. Place the jacket on top – in case you feel cold on the plane and decide to wear it.

The Big Question: What to Pack?

Here’s what you need to pack :

  1. Make-up Bag: Some basics include – Face wash, Sunscreen, CC cream, Compact, Kajal, Mascara, Lip Gloss, Hair Serum, Fragrance, Face Wipes. Read more about what’s in my travel makeup bag here.
  2. Underwear: Three pairs of underwear, one for each day.
  3. Tops/Shirts: 2 pairs is enough.
  4. Bottoms: 2 pairs – one jean, one trouser should cover it.
  5. Formals: You never know what opportunities may come your way. Ladies, pack in a classic LBD and Men don’t forget to pack a nice looking Coat.
  6. Lounge-wear: Don’t forget some comfy clothes to relax in once your work is done. A set of cotton tee and pajamas will make you feel at home.
  7. Shoes: Just pack in a pair of nice work heels/shoes.
  8. Jacket: For layering just in case, for chilly nights or for AC-crazed flights and hotels.

Remember you are wearing one set of clothes and a pair of flats anyways to the airport. Trust me this will suffice you for your 3 day Work Trip. 👍

Bag Suitcase GIF by The Hills-downsized_large
All packed… get the wheels rolling!

May you travel light and stress free!   😇 

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