Driving from Cochin to Munnar in a Day

There are few road trips that are as breathtaking and scenic as the one from Cochin to Munnar! Take an early morning flight and start your day at the Cochin Airport, and end it in the middle of lush green tea plantations in Munnar.

The drive is a good 06 hours – don’t be fooled when GoogleMaps shows you a mere 04 hours. The road to Munnar is full of sharp bends and is pretty narrow, make sure you hire a driver with local experience.

The fact that I am writing a separate blog-post on the road trip to Munnar – says enough about how beautiful it must be 😍

Here’s my guide to driving from Cochin to Munnar in a day!

Stop 1: Valara Waterfall

Lost on the way, looking at the waterfall. 🌿🍃

A cool drive through lush, dense forests with many refreshing waterfalls makes the travel from Kochi to Munnar a beautiful experience! Valara Waterfall is one such magnificent spectacle en-route Munnar and makes for a great photo op 📸

Step out of your car to get a closer look at the stunning waterfall and go for a brief hike in the surrounding area.

Stop 2: Spice Plantation

We found a Giant Jackfruit Tree, while exploring the Spice plantations 🌿🌶🌰

There are multiple spice plantations on the way to Munnar, get down at the one you like and go for a guided tour. Spend at least an hour walking around, take pictures and spot birds. The exotic smell of the finest ginger, cloves, cardamom is just intoxicating! You can also buy fresh spices if you like.

Stop 3: Lunch

Appam with Egg Curry
Light fluffy Appams make for perfect lunch!

Stop for lunch at a roadside eatery and have some freshly made Appam with Vegetable Stew or Egg Curry. For the uninitiated Appam is a popular Kerala dish – a fermented flat bread made out of Rice and Coconut.

Stop 4: Enjoy the Sunset

Spice Country Resorts, Munnar
Relax in the balcony before retiring for the night.

The final stop is at your hotel. I stayed at Spice Country Resorts and would recommend it to everybody. We stayed in the Family Suite, which has a big big balcony that offers beautiful view of the valley and the perfect spot to enjoy watching the sunset!

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