A Thrilling Day in Thekkady

Thekkady is an exciting destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers! Home to India’s largest wildlife sanctuary – Periyar, it makes for a perfect jungle vacation. One day is just enough to cover all the major attractions in Thekkady. Also this itinerary doesn’t include travel time, so make sure you are here the night before.

Here are some of the highlights from my Thekkady in a Day Guide!

1. Boat Safari at Periyar

Start your morning with a boat cruise through the Periyar Lake, arranged by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC). The boat ride is approximately 02 hours long, and is one of the best ways to explore the Periyar Tiger Reserve. I would suggest to go for the early morning slot as its the best time to spot wildlife and is not crowded at all. We were there at sharp 06:00 am, for our boat ride at 07:30 am! Trust me its worth it.

TIP: Book tickets online and beat the queue by clicking here.

2. Shopping in Local Market

Shopping in Thekkady can be really fun and entertaining. There are many small colourful shops in the market selling some of the finest grade fruits, vegetables, spices and cashews directly from farmers. Apart from banana chips; home-made chocolates are pretty popular too with the tourists. Available in different flavours and cute colours, they are the perfect gift item for people back home. At 100 grams per Rs. 55 its a catch!

3. Traditional Kerala Thali

Traditional Kerala Thali - Sadhya
Traditional Kerala Thali – Sadhya

Sadhya is a traditional feast served on a clean green banana leaf in Kerala. Along with a sumptuous spread of rice, it includes an assortment of delicious dishes –  parippu curry, sambar, rasam, olan, kalan, pachadi, kichadi, aviyal, thoran and payasam. You get all of this for very little money! This is the best, fulfilling option for lunch to try.

4. Kalari Performance

One of the oldest martial art forms in the world – Kalaripayattu originated almost 3000 years ago in Kerala! It is believed that the ancient sage Parasurama was taught this martial art form by Lord Shiva himself. At a Kalari performance you get to witness – high speed sword fighting, bare hand fighting, special fire show and many more mean feats presented by trained artists. These high on action performances make it a perfect way to end your day in Thekkady.

Have you been to Thekkady? 

What are your favourite things to see and do in Thekkady?  🌳🌳

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