Travelling Austria in a Week by Train

Austria is one of the most visited countries in Europe because of the range of destinations and unique experiences you can have within its borders. To get a taste of what the different regions of Austria have to offer, and experience true Austrian culture, there are many destinations to explore!

Ready to see it all? Here are the top things to do PLUS an itinerary for one week in Austria!

Austria is a vast country, but also very accessible with many modes of transportation. One of the easiest ways to get around, and connect all these destinations if you’re itinerary allows, is to travel by train.

Helpful Tip: If you plan on taking more than 2-3 trips, it will save you money on your journey, but you will need to purchase your rail pass online prior to your trip!

– Austria by Train Itinerary –

It is always best to map out your trip and see what the most logical route would be to connect your destinations.

I’ve compiled the most popular (and my favorite) destinations in Austria, and while it is possible to visit all in a week, I would suggest picking 2 or 3 that interest you the most and spend more time in each destination.

Itinerary Overview

Route Map.jpg

  • Days 1-2: Innsbruck
  • Day 3: Salzburg
  • Day 4: Hallstatt
  • Days 5-7: Vienna

NOTE: This is just a sample itinerary. You can always do this route from east to west to OR west to east!

Days 1-2: Innsbruck

Featured Image - 24 Hours in Innsbruck

✈️  Fly into the Innsbruck International Airport

I recommend flying into Innsbruck, and use Day 01 to just relax and walk around the city. My phone had stopped working during my flight, so I took this time to buy a new one. After a long flight, your body really needs to rest and you need to accommodate for emergencies like – lost luggage, stolen wallet, credit cards not working, inactivate roaming plans, etc.

You need one full day to explore Innsbruck, devote Day 02 for that. Discover the sights and attractions of this holiday destination – rightfully nicknamed ‘Capital of the Alps’.  Read my 24 hour Innsbruck Itinerary with a mix of old town sightseeing and urban alpine experience!

🚂  Innsbruck Hbf to Salzburg Hbf      Average Travel Time: Approx 2 Hours

TIP: Take the train from Innsbruck by 06:00 pm latest, so that you are in Salzburg by 08:00 pm and its not very late. 🕗

Day 3: Salzburg

Featured Image - 24 Hours in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is often referred to as the “Rome of the North”.  The magnificent buildings of 17th and 18th centuries still shape much of the city skyline today. The world-famous City of Mozart, has also earned a rightfully deserved place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With lots to see within a surprisingly small area, one can easily cover the city in a day. Read my 24 hours Salzburg Itinerary to know more!

TIP: Also as tonight you don’t have a train to catch, you can enjoy the sunset and spend time just walking around the city at night. 👣

As there is no direct train, you will have to switch in the middle.

Day 4: Hallstatt


Hallstatt is the most beautiful lake town in the world and well worth a trip! With a rich history, breathtaking Alpine mountains and deep blue lakes – it is Austria’s most photographed village.  📸

🚂  Salzburg Hbf  to  Hallstatt Bahnhof      Average Travel Time: Approx 2.5 Hours

Take an early morning train from Salzburg to Hallstatt, in order to beat the touristy crowd and get maximum time for sightseeing. Also as there is no direct train, you will have to switch in the middle – so don’t sleep on this train journey, besides the view is incredibly pretty!

⛴😍  From the station you have to take a ferry to cross the lake. Remember to buy a round-trip ticket for €5 when you board, if you plan on not staying back like me.

If you are travelling to Austria, this is one place you can’t miss. Here’s My Guide to Hallstatt for a Day-Trip!

🚂  Hallstatt Bahnhof  to  Wien Hbf      Average Travel Time: Approx 4 Hours

You should be done by 05:30 to 06:00 pm, reach the station and take a train to Vienna where you spend your last 2 days in Austria!

Days 5-7: Vienna

Featured Image - 48 Hours in Vienna - Day 02

Vienna the capital city of Austria is known for its coffee houses, cosy wine taverns, imperial palaces and rich history! It’s a lovely city and one is tempted to stay longer, but with my guide on How to spend 48 hours in Vienna, you can easily visit all the hotspots and experience Viennese Culture in just 2 days!

✈️  Fly out from the Vienna International Airport

TIP: Take the City Airport Train (CAT) that connects the airport with the transport hub at Wien Mitte non-stop in only 16 minutes! 🚄

Upcoming Post:  20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Austria

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