Books I Read Last Month

Books I Read Last Month – June 2020

June was a very good month for reading! 😃
Not only did I stick to my monthly target of 4 books, I also thoroughly enjoyed each book that I’d picked out.

Books I Read Last Month – May 2020

Nothing beats a good book of nonfiction to expand the mind and the heart. 😇
This month I read some amazing pieces of non fiction in the genres of: Business, Science & Memoir!

Books I Read Last Month – Feb 2020

I think I am going through a reading rut! 😔 I started a lot of books this month, but couldn’t really finish much.
But this too, had a bright side to it. 😃 Click to see what I finished reading in February 2020.

Books I Read Last Month – Jan 2020

I started the New Year with some light reading. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to, but I’m not complaining! 😀
So here goes, the list of books I read in January 2020.