ET Now – Brand Image Promo

Business News is commonly associated with hard facts, numbers and a tense news environment. Though that is the job of a news anchor, there is so much more that makes them who they are. For e.g. in this case one of our anchors Vikram Oza is very fond of coffee and can be often found in coffeshops, researching and writing his piece. So I decided to shun the repeated visuals commonly associated with a news promo, and turned the idea of what News is like on its head with this Brand Image Promo for ET Now:

Business News is like a Good Cup of Coffee!

So let’s check out what is it about good coffee that makes it so similar to great news stories.

My Role: Director

Involvement: Ideation, Pre Production, Shoot, Post Production and Final Delivery

Year: 2020

Content is like coffee, it will be as good as you make it!