L’Oréal – Consumer AV


Brief: Create a video to showcase the changing makeup world, diverse consumer sets and implications for L’Oréal in 2017.


My Role: Associate Director. Ideation, Pre & Post Production and Final Delivery.

Agency: Prime Focus Technologies, Mumbai

L’Oréal wanted to showcase the changing trends in the makeup world; diverse consumer sets and their implications for L’Oréal in 2017 for the JeanPaul Agon event in Mumbai. We crafted an infotainment style video for L’Oréal.

Using stock images and shots from the latest Bollywood movies and ads we created a trendy montage that used supers to convey key information. This helped baseline the evolving makeup landscape in India.

We then interviewed 3 girls from different walks of life, to highlight the varied approach to make up in India. To structure the conversation, the girls were categorized as:

  1. Beauty Makeup Aspirant
  2. Beauty Enthusiast
  3. Beauty Junkie