National Geographic: Mega Icons S1

We have often heard people describing someone who is exceptionally talented as a ‘born genius’. But this leads us to the big question:

Are Geniuses Born or Made?

How are they different from seemingly ordinary people like you and me? Are their brains wired differently? Is talent inherited or achieved? The National Geographic show Mega Icons attempts to answer these questions as it takes us into the lives of some of India’s most inspiring personalities and decodes their journey to greatness. Watch the promo below, before I tell you more. 👇

Be a part of the journey into the life of iconic personalities through a scientific lens and through conversations with friends and family. Enter the lives of Mega Icons.

My Role: Associate Director

Involvement: Ideation, Pre Production, Shoot, Post Production and Final Delivery

Year: 2018

The five-part television series featured: Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, movie star & politician Kamal Haasan, Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam, Nobel laureate the Dalai Lama and the first woman Indian Police Service officer, Kiran Bedi.

The series is currently streaming on Hotstar, you can watch it here.