Times Network – Rising from the Ashes

The night of December 28, 2017 a massive fire broke out in the Kamala Mills Compound, Mumbai. The net result: Times Now, ET Now, Mirror Now, Romedy Now, MNX, and Zoom and others went off air. And most distribution platforms carried an apology notice, in place of the live feed. Times Network was prompt in getting back to its feet and restored transmission of all their Channels shortly.

More than year later, when we moved back to our office in Kamala Mills, which had been rebuild following the calamity. I was proud to present:

Rising from the Ashes

A short film that captures the immediate aftermath of the Kamala Mills fire on the night of 28th Nov 2017. The destruction and the mayhem that followed, and how we at Times Network stood together and endured and rebuild everything together.

My Role: Director

Involvement: Ideation, Pre Production, Shoot, Post Production and Final Delivery

Year: 2019

A tribute to the Never say Never Attitude that inspires us all at Times Network.